About the Artist

I have been enthralled by color since my childhood, watching my father practice what seemed like alchemy to me, mixing colors in his small studio at the back of the garage. I have painted since then, mostly non-stop. I studied nursing in college then paid my way through art school and worked evening shifts so I could work in the natural light during the day, exploring oil, mixed media, collage, mask making, and printmaking. Before I had to decrease my painting time to raise a child as a single mom, I was represented by Kraushaar Galleries in New York , where I had two solo shows. Kyle Belding Gallery, Denver also represented me.

In my studio.

Throughout the time I was working as a nurse therapist to support my family, art became a big part of my work. My therapy practice focused for many years on traumatized children, and I studied creativity and its impact on the art of caring in the nursing profession. I joined with 3 other mental health professionals to author a book on using storytelling as a therapeutic technique for children in high conflict divorce. I had the privilege of also illustrating the book, titled “Through the Eyes of Children”, published by Simon & Schuster in 1995. Given my interest in this field, I was asked to teach courses on “Creativity and Caring” and “Anxiety and Mood Disorders in Children” as an adjunct at the University of Colorado. All the while, I managed to regularly get into my studio somehow.  

Recently I have retired from the therapy and nursing field and am again in my studio full-time. As when I was a child, I am captivated by color and the alchemy of painting.